That’s All, Folks?

With the auctioning off of the last streetcars on Ebay today, the Young Leadership Council’s Streetcar Named Desire project is at an end. Merchandise is still available at the Young Leadership Council’s website, including mini cars, posters and books. I highly recommend them to all; it’s still for a good cause and both book and poster feature photos from’s Pete and Nola as well as from streetcar fan and streetcar location map editor Judy Reynolds

Thanks to all the artists who’ve contributed to the project and site; a special shout-out goes to Paulette Lizano, who let us follow her creation from sketch to construction to final placement

We also have to thank Mike Atwater, volunteer and project director, who kept us posted on when cars were being placed so we could get their pictures as soon as we could and post them to the site. Thanks also to all the sponsors and to Paula Purvis, co-project leader and Amy Boyle, the YLC’s executive director and all the volunteers who made the project possible.

It’s been a lot of fun. Nola bought her own garden-size streetcar at the gala, and we were able to get as many artists as possible to sign our books. Until the next project…

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