The Streetcar Shuffle

The Streetcar Shuffle ain’t no dance, but should be. I think it would be appropriate to choreograph a Streetcar Shuffle at the Fais Do Do stage at Jazz Fest this year. Any volunteers?

The shuffle we’re talking about now is actual streetcar movement; we could have called it “musical cars” but, hey, here’s the shuffling as we know it so far:

Chris Kaiser’s “Proud to Call it Home” has moved from Canal and Basin to the downriver side of Jackson Square, near the east gate along the Pontalba building.

“Proud to Call it Home” at its new home.

Mackenzie Thorpe’s “Lest We Forget – Girls First Hearts” has moved from its spot in front of St. Louis Cathedral to the uptown side of Jackson Square.

“Lest We Forget – Girl’s First Hearts”

Will Smith Jr.’s “Greetings From the French Market Corporation” has moved from its old spot at Cafe du Monde down river to the French Market, at the foot of Gov. Nichols St.

“Greetings from the French Market Corporation” serenaded
by a little Sunday morning jazz.

One Response to “The Streetcar Shuffle”

  1. Judy R on 26 Jan 2009 at 6:07 am

    Very cool that you caught the Jazz band behind Will’s streetcar.