Paulette Lizano’s Streetcar in Progress

Paulette Lizano is currently working on her streetcar and invited us in to see her car come to life.  If you will recall, she previously provided us with a sketch of her car along with her reasons for its name, “Perley’s Barnyard Party.”  She took time out of her busy schedule to tell us a bit about her process in creating a glass-crusted streetcar.  She’s also taking pictures at each step.  You can click here to follow her progress.

For the barn, she and her parents (who collectively own Lizano’s Glass Haus) individually cut and grind (or shape) each strip of glass.  After the cutting and shaping, each piece is painted to mimic wood grain; this is done with pulverized glass in paint form, the small rivets are placed using glass frit, and then it is kiln-fired to 1380°.

For the animals, paper patterns are first made.  Then the animals are cut out of glass and layered to achieve the right dimension.  They to are kiln-fired to 1380° to keep the dimensional quality.

The roof is made with iridescent glass to give it a metallic feel.  It resembles a New Orleans slate roof.  And for the billboards on the side of the car, a stencil was first made.  From there the billboards are sandblasted onto the glass, then painted, fired in the kiln, and put in place.

The sponsor of this unique streetcar is AT&T.  In order to personalize the streetcar for AT&T, the Lizanos have incorporated some telecommunication apparatus to some of the passengers.  There will be traditional phones, antique phones, operator head set, cell phones, as well as a lap top and a television.

In the end, the entire car will be covered in glass then grouted for a finished look. Stay tuned as we follow the completion of this car in the following weeks.


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